• Estate grown, Ibarra-Young Vineyard, Los Olivos District AVA


    We have half an acre of Mourvèdre planted at Ibarra-Young. Along with the Syrah, the Mourvèdre is part of the original planting at the vineyard. This block is old and wise, there is even an old abandoned bunker buried under part of this block. If you look at the vineyard tab on the âmevive website, there is a photo of Charlotte Young riding her mule, Agnes, through the vines of the Mourvèdre block back in the early 70s.


    2021 is the first time I’ve made a single variety wine from the Mourvèdre at I-Y and I’m delighted to share this expression of the vineyard with you. The Mourvèdre was entirely destemmed into an open top and fermented with gentle extraction for a little more than 2 weeks. Everything was pressed in the basket press and was aged in neutral French oak. Only one of the three barrels were chosen for this single barrel, single variety bottling. Thus, this wine is very limited. The wine was bottled unfined and unfiltered in July of 2022.


    Tasting notes: Like sipping iced hibiscus tea in a dusty field of golden grasses, good times in the sunshine, elegant on the palette and a lot of good things going on aromatically.


    Art: Painted by Eileen Anderson, Ardea alba, is flying on the front of this label. I wanted to pair this delicate bird with this airy expression of Mourvèdre. In the winter and springtime, we often see these great egrets hunting for lizards and mice around brush piles at the vineyard. They are shy and mystical, but if you approach them slowly, it is fascinating to watch them hunt. And they are surprisingly very tall, about 5 ft! The silly looking western fence lizard, aka blue belly, on the back label was painted by me. They are often prey to the great egret on the front, but they also put a big dent in the bug population around the vineyard. These little guys are hungry and everywhere!


    12.6% ABV

    Ingredients: regenerative organic grapes managed holistically, minimal effective sulfites

    23 cases produced

    2020 Estate Mourvèdre - Ibarra-Young Vineyard