This wine comes from a small block at Ibarra-Young planted in the late 90’s. This block has been farmed organically since inception, and what's growing on the understory throughout the year is proof. This block is covered in native purple lupine in the springtime, and transitions to the later blooming native Spanish lotus in the early summer. The floor is consistently covered in dainty pink and purple flowers for the majority of the growing season. We don’t sow these seeds, they are native to the Santa Ynez watershed and are what have been growing on this land since the Chumash inhabited the area. The lupine and native lotus have made a striking comeback since the vineyard’s no till transition in Spring of 2019. 


Of all the grapes we tend at Ibarra-Young, Graciano tends to have the most acidity, thus it was destined to become rosé. This block was harvested after two days of 117F+ weather. The sugars jumped from 16Brix to 20Brix in two days, and the canopy couldn’t keep up. We lost a majority of our leaves throughout the heart spike and knew we needed to pick so that we could turn the water back on our vines and save them for the future years. Despite the chaotic harvest, the fruit quality was impressive. 


These grapes were brought into the cellar around 20Brix with surprisingly good acidity. We put them directly in the press and the wine was fermented with its native yeast in stainless steel drums. The rose rested in stainless drums throughout elevage and was bottled unfined and unfiltered on the sliver of a moon in Aries on March of 2021. 


Bright, red, fresh, juicy. Everything a rose should be with a little kiss of tannin from Graciano’s thick skins. Enjoy chilled just about anywhere at any time!

2020 Graciano rosé - Ibarra-Young