The fall release wines are an homage to the time I spent in the Northern Rhone, the two most pivotal years in my winemaking and personal evolution. These three varieties take me back to the steep French terraces, my little medieval stone cottage in Malleval, late nights with friends drinking wine I had only dreamt about, and getting lost in the French Alps. This release includes two estate wines from Ibarra-Young Vineyard. These wines represent a full year of tending the land using regenerative organic+ and biodynamic practices. I hope these wines feed your soul as they are the spirit of mine.
Lots of love, -Alice

The three spring wines are inspired by longer evenings in the sunshine! Two of these wines are very special to me as they are the product of our first full year tending the land at Ibarra-Young Vineyard. All three of these wines will be perfect chilled at your favorite picnic spot, or accompany your dinner party with elegance. I hope these wines make you just as happy as they make me. 

Lots of love, Alice